#25 of 30 Beautiful Inspirational Happy Mother’s Day Quotes And Sayings

30 Inspirational Happy Mother’s Day Quotes And Sayings

There is no doubt that mom always hold a very special place in heart. And for sure she has had the biggest impact on my life. Whatever i say isn’t enough to say thank you, mother. If you feel the same, and your words don’t feel like enough, I think these mother’s day inspirational quotes…

15 of 30 Happy Birthday Mom Funny Quotes, Messages & Wishes

30 Happy Birthday Mom Funny Quotes, Messages & Wishes

There is no doubt that your first smile and laugh was because of your mother. So what’s better than give her laugh and big smile on her face at her birthday? There is nothing better than funny happy birthday mom quotes and wishes to joke with mother. For sure everyone will laugh and you gonna…

#23 of 30 mother son quotes

Best 30 Mother Son Quotes That Show Deep Real Love

If you are a son. These mother son quotes will show you how much she loves you. Read them, feel the passion, go and kiss your mom, hug her as strong as you can. Are you a mother ? for sure your life had been changed by having a child. especially if it’s a baby…

#17 of 30 strong mom quotes

30 Strong Mom Quotes To Show Mother You Care

If you are a mother, I collected these strong mother quotes for you to always remember you to stay strong and continue forward. No one is better than you to do the job.(Read new mother sayings) Motherhood is a word that embodies all the love in this world, even if this mom didn’t gave birth….

#19 of 30 funny mom quotes

30 Best New Funny Mom Quotes Will Make Mom Laugh For Sure

Being a mother doesn’t mean to be gloomy all the time. For sure it’s a lot of responsibilities, but this never mean not to laugh and get some sense of humor. I collected some of the funny mom quotes and sayings to help you smile. I wish this could help you smiling even a very…

#11 of 30 new mom quotes

30 New Mother Quotes And Sayings To Re energize Yourself

Before you read these new mom quotes : Being pregnant for the first time is scary. Isn’t it ? To tell the truth : yes .. certainly , it was indeed . Simply because it is the most responsible decision I make in my life. Now you gonna face many challenges and you must pass…